Master Practitioner and Certitified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Kristin Wilhite, Holistic Wellness Integration Specialist

Holistic, originally spelled "Wholistic" means to assess the human as a "whole" entity.  This is why Kristin believes in addressing not only the physical condition, but also addressing the mental and emotional states related to the symptoms.  If you are not finding happiness on your own, please contact Kristin to customize a wellness plan for you. 

The following are modalities that Kristin commonly integrates - depending on your needs and desired outcomes.

Body: Fitness, Bodywork, Ear Coning, Nutrition, Acupressure, Restoration, Yoga
Mind: Hypnosis, NLP Breakthroughs and Coaching, Timeline Therapy, Meditation, and Developing tools for acceptance, forgiveness, building confidence and self-preservation.
Spirit: When the mind and body are in balance, our energy is vibrant. 

Happiness is when...
...What you think,
...What you say,
... and what you do are in harmony.

~ Mahatma Gandhi

Ready to Break Through the old pattern that is in your way?

We can help you OVERCOME ANYTHING to reach your goals!!

Break Through Sessions are custom designed for your empowerment.

Break Through Sessions
  • Career
  • Family
  • Health & Fitness
  • Personal Growth
  • Relationships
  • Spiritual Wellness
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Radical change breakthroughs are becoming the fastest way to create positive momentum! Can be done in one day or 10 weeks, we will design the right pace for your best learning style.  Many of the tools you learn can be carried on beyond the session.

Relaxation - Deep Tissue - Acupressure

Massage is one of the best antidotes for stress

Massage relieves stress, muscle tightness, spasms, and tension while reducing likelihood of long-term damage, pain, and illness.

Massage Therapy

Neuro-Linquistic Programming (NLP)

A Users Manual for Your Brain!

NLP tools and techniques remodel your habits and reactions so you can achieve your goals and accelerate personal growth. Discover your limiting thoughts and let them go.

NLP Learn More

Whole Foods Nutritional Counseling

Weight Control, Allergies, Better Health

We provide meal plans, recipes, Whole Foods Nutrition support, & clear unconscious habits with NLP and hypnosis that often block our ability to make positive changes.

Nutrition Support

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