Reschedule appointment

Policy and requirements for rescheduling an appointment with Kristin Wilhite, HHP.

Rescheduling as soon as possible is always preferred.  We do our best to cultivate a respectfully dependable relationship between client therapist.  Rescheduling with less than 24 hours prior to scheduled service is subject to a $50 fee.  In 2015 we have the right to ask for a $50 deposit to hold your spot.

What to do if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment. 

Step 1: text Kristin immediately that you will be unable to attend with her 858 #, if you do not have it, then call her toll free number 888-978-2188 and leave a message.  Email will not suffice for canceling or rescheduling. 

Step 2: Let her know when you would like to reschedule.  If you cancel / reschedule in less than 24 hours there is a $50 fee.  If you cancel / reschedule with more than 24 hours in advance your deposit will transfer to the next scheduled appointment.

Thank you for understanding that just as you depend on me to be dependable, we expect the same of you.  We are here to build healthy relationships with healthy boundaries.  The more we honor them, the more we can appreciate our relationships we build.  

Again Thank you!

Kristin & the Sustainer staff

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