Overcome Holiday Blues

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Put the Happy back in the Holidays and "Prevent and Relieve your Holiday Blues"

It's been an incredible year of learning and growing in my work helping people overcome their overwhelming negative emotions.  I have seen people transform their mindset and lifestyle into more energy, less pain and more joy! With all this fun, I wanted to share it so more people around the world can have it. (Internet is required) Class can be taken on computer, laptop or smartphone. via private google hangouts.

"Overcome Holiday Blues," is a 6 week course preparing you for a happier, healthier holiday.

In This Course You Will Learn:
  • Learn how to create good feelings during the holiday season
  • Address the causes for the "blues"
  • Clear the root of problem
  • Develop new habits that will overcome the negative feelings
  • Learn communication skills that will ensure healthy new connections
  • Learn how forgiveness works and put these tools to the test
  • Learn what actions (science-based) to take to initiate a healthier mind and body that allow more Joy! 
  • Learn how to not 'over-react'
  • Overcome the overwhelming emotions that drive you to obsessive behavior and thinking
Course Details and Inclusions:
  • Cost of the 6 week course is: $697 
  • Class will be ongoing
  • Live one-on-one session (~40 minutes) with Kristin Wilhite, HHP
  • Weekly connect emails with PDF (follow along) class notes
  • There will be homework, takes average ~30 min.

*All paid members will be able to watch the classes after 9am that day to review.

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