Yoga Hike

Ready for a cardio / yoga blend in nature? Sign up for our Saturday classes or set a up a private hike.

Upcoming Classes:

Kristin is a certified Zen Hatha Yoga Teacher If you are interested in mixing HIKING with YOGA visit where Kristin leads private yoga hikes.

Yoga Hikes

 Kristin is available to teach yoga at your home, office or school. Get your own class together for $100 - split it with your friends and co-workers. Better yet, get your corporate office to set up a regular class for you. Do you live in San Diego? Contact Kristin to get a yoga class started in your area. If you live elsewhere, and you would like to do Skype yoga or download videos contact Kristin.

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Have you ever been on a trail & thought “What an amazing place this would be to do yoga?” ...or wished you could bring your favorite teacher there? I have! So I chose to pro-activate my destiny by filming videos so you can take me with you on your ipad or smartphone. More videos to come encouraging safe and healthy travels and professional experiences. combine therapeutic stretching, yoga and alignment therapy for you to integrate into your life at your hotel, home, office, college, on a trail, your favorite spot, or at your workplace or vacation : ). 

Feel free to email Kristin for an estimate on a customized video for your lifestyle or workplace. Yoga~Stretch at the workplace videos are designed to prevent and rehabilitate repetitive motion injuries. Kristin’s expertise, compassionate heart and soothing voice deliver gentle encouragements to align tune and tonify your body, mind, emotions and spirit ~ wholistically. Kristin Wilhite, HHP of Progressive Holistic Living has been a “favorite” teacher of gentle “Zen Yoga” since 1998. Contact her at Take yoga & Therapeutic Stretching to a beautiful place with Kristin’s Yoga~Stretch Adventure Series DVD and Downloads! You tube Yoga Stretch for Hikers Hip Opener Short "Stretch your body, De-stress your mind"

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