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Kristin Wilhite, HHP founded "Sustainable Holistic" to become a Wholistic Educational Resource and Healing Network for anyone who is inspired to achieve their health and happiness potential. Kristin's story began in a rural farming community where pesticides and chemicals were present in commercial crop land. Kristin developed debilitating allergies to grass, trees, wheat and dairy. Not knowing or understanding the cause until she was 21 years of age. Her medical records show 18 years of antibiotic use for upper respiratory infections beginning at 6 months old! Her involvement with holistic health care resulted in a wealth of knowledge which led to excellent health.  Growing up in a rural community with no access to holistic health gave Kristin the drive to create this website as a Wholistic Educational Resource with a focus on validity by trial and research.

Our Vision

To be your 'go-to' resource for healthier living, naturally.

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