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What some are saying about Kristin's technique:


I was a amazed at how relaxed and rejuvenated I felt after our Hypnosis with Kristin.  My issues around jealousy were much easier to deal with.  Kristin installed a redirection of how I would respond in a certain situation and I have felt increasingly better each time the situation has come up. Specifically instead of running I take a deep breath, remain calm and remember feeling loved (we anchored that in - NLP tool). 
~ M.M., age 35, San Diego, CA

I knew it would work because I trust Kristin and have for years! I was awaiting knee replacement surgery and feeling very overwhelmed, anxiety, depression and stress. During the session I felt more relaxed than I ever remember, I also had tears of joy as I saw myself doing the things I felt afraid to do before. After the session I walked with a spring in my step as the pain level had reduced over 50%. I was able to focus on my health, exercise and getting organized until my surgery.  While at the hospital I even felt pretty relaxed - I almost couldn't believe it!
~ S.G. age 62, San Diego, CA

Hypnosis feels great!


How do I express in words my experience with Kristin and NLP? In just hours, we covered material and issues that I havent dealt with in years of conventional therapy. I feel the shifts that occurred will continue to reveal more of my authentic self as the deep patterns have been released. Let me say, the next 2 people I encountered directly following my session, both commented on how great I looked and how I had a "glow" about me! Thanks Kristin, Keep up the great work.

Many Blessings,
~ Shakti Ma, SD, CA

I can truly say that Kristin changed my life. I really don’t even know where to start, I look at where I am today, and where I was. I guess the simplest way to say it is she helped me get back home, to get back to who I really am, to drop so many of the stories and limiting beliefs that formed my reality. I didn’t know, and couldn’t see how I kept derailing myself. She is so intuitive, patient and enthusiastic about this work. I loved how she took change and altering behavior, which is difficult to do, and made it gentle, accessible, and FAST! She treats everything like an adventure, to see how you can live your life more fully, and more true to your dreams and spirit. I’m an artist and designer, and was in the middle of transitioning to working independently (yet again… i had tried two times before and returned to the safety of a day job). Kristin helped me start this time fresh, by helping me see where I was resisting, and not allowing the full potential of my being to shine through. I also felt I had to be someone else, that parts of myself where fractured into all these different roles I had to play, masks I had to wear. She guided me to integrate the split parts back into wholeness and alignment, to realize all I had to be was ME. The only way to say it is that I feel peace and ease, that I can fully be myself and find success. I feel remarkably different, motivated, and know that I am that much closer to making my dreams a reality. Kristin is a truly gifted healer, and I can’t thank her enough. I hope her knowing that she helped shift this artist into a thriving, effective being will fill her with the thanks she so deserves.

Janelle Despot, Graphic Designer and Freelance Artist, SD, CA 

I am so grateful that Kristin asked me the questions she did when I was at my most resistant moment - ready to give up...they triggered my mind to look at things differently than ever before when I have had this kind of melt down.  It was like I had another breakthrough in just a few minutes. Kristin really helped me overcome the relationship dysfunction I kept repeating. I am ready for the right partner and ready for children!
~ J.B. age 40, Boston, MA

A note from Kristin's personal experience when she had her Breakthrough session: 
Not only did I not need the chiropractor every week from my stress level reducing, I found the relationship I had been looking for AND I finally felt inner peace without constantly having to cancel out negative thoughts!

Mental Emotional Release for depression relief:

After only one session with Kristin I became a believer in the power of NLP. I walked away from that first session with the tools to essentially banish 50+ years of ingrained thought patterns and habits.  After just 3 sessions and the weeks in between to practice what I’d learned, I feel like a rebirth has taken place. I feel confident, motivated, empowered – feelings that I knew were within me but that had been oppressed and essentially buried in my psyche.  It makes sense that this type of therapy would work but what has truly amazed me is how quickly it works.  I’ve tried other therapies over the years and while it’s great to have someone to talk to about my ‘issues’ I’ve never before experienced the healing that’s already taken place in just a few hours with NLP.  Kristin provides such a safe, loving and non-judgmental environment that I’ve felt free to share things with her and just let myself ‘be’ in her presence.   I’m looking forward to my next session and I’m excited about the direction I am going for the first time in a very long time. 
  …with gratitude and love…
~ C.G. age 50, San Diego, CA

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