Body Healing

Physical Therapies and Somatic Healing Specialties for the Whole Body

We offer full spectrum body healing with therapies that range from:

We also refer to other Quality Health Care Providers and encourage Mental Emotional Therapies when the physical healing is not enough.  In fact, that is the clearest sign that the issue is rooted in the neurology of the body, when the physical or somatic treatments aren't getting results, we must address the Emotional and Mental blocks.  These are generally created as coping mechanisms from unresolved childhood learnings and traumatic experiences.

Kristin specializes in Mental and Emotional Release™, Neuro Linguistic Programming, and is a Master Practitioner of  Hypnotherapy, a Quit Smoking Specialist - QS60™ - "Quit Smoking in 60 minutes or Less™",  Certified Whole Foods Nutritional Counselor, Certified Zen Yoga Instructor  Email today for a free Consultation

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