Ear Coning

Ear Coning is a safe, painless, effective method of drawing wax, toxins, candida, and residual lymph from ear canal, nose, & throat passages. It is gentle, relaxing, and most people often hear better after the treatment. Excellent for persons with respiratory infections, allergies, clogged ears, vertigo, and tinnitus or ringing in the ears.


$70 includes assessment, cones and coning process, and a 10-minute massage to head and neck. The process takes 60 to 75 minutes.

EAR CONING PROCESS : The larger end of a 16-inch long cone is lit with fire. The smaller end goes into the ear canal about an eighth to a quarter of an inch, just enough to form a seal so the smoke does not leak. As the cone burns, smoke spirals down the cone and into the ear canal, warms up the wax, lymph, candida, toxins, etc. and then a counter channel of spiraling occurs moving back up the cone, which creates a vacuum effect pulling debris into the cone. I take the cone away from your ear to cut and clean it out. This process is repeated 4-6 times depending on how the cone burns for you.

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