Aka Hypno-Therapy

Hypnosis is a process of Relaxation that temporarily dissolves the gateway between the unconscious mind and the conscious mind. Here we can install positive suggestions that will align your unconscious mind with your conscious mind. Since the conscious mind is the goal setter while the unconscious mind is the goal setter.

  • Prepare for operations - Relieving anxiety
  • Stress relief
  • Pain relief
  • Performance Enhancement
  • Insomnia/ sleep disturbances
  • Stopping smoking
  • Controlling weight
  • Jealousy / Getting over a break-up
  • Healing intimate and family relationships
  • Behavioral habits (nail biting, etc)
  • Stop Smoking
Hypnosis feels great!

What some are saying about Kristin's technique:

I was a amazed at how relaxed and rejuvenated I felt after our Hypnosis with Kristin.  My issues around jealousy were much easier to deal with.  Kristin installed a redirection of how I would respond in a certain situation and I have felt increasingly better each time the situation has come up. Specifically instead of running I take a deep breath, remain calm and remember feeling loved (we anchored that in - NLP tool).
~ M.M., age 35, San Diego, CA

I knew it would work because I trust Kristin and have for years! I was awaiting knee replacement surgery and feeling very overwhelmed, anxiety, depression and stress.  During the session I felt more relaxed than I ever remember, I also had tears of joy as I saw myself doing the things I felt afraid to do before.  After the session I walked with a spring in my step as the pain level had reduced over 50%.  I was able to focus on my health, exercise and getting organized until my surgery.  While at the hospital I even felt pretty relaxed - I almost couldn't believe it!
~ S.G. age 62, San Diego, CA

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