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Whole Foods Nutritional Counseling

Kristin was Certified in Whole Foods Nutritional Counseling in 1998.  She integrated everything she was taught in order to find her own recipe for health.  Shortly thereafter taking over the instruction of Nutritional Studies and Body Chemistry Balancing from recommendation of mentor Liza Szabo.  Kristin then stepped up as the Nutrition Department coordinator to create a consistency and quality control over the Nutrition Program at the School of Healing Arts.  In less than a year, she created the Whole Foods Nutritional Counseling Internship Program to help solidify and integrate what the students learned into Counseling scenarios.  To this day, she still loves to inspire people to take charge of their health via proper Nutrition, proper exercise, proper rest, relaxation and JOY! (which totally aligns with yoga philosophy)

Why come to Kristin for Nutritional Counseling?

  1. She has a depth of knowledge, compassion and truly understands how important it is to see you as an individual and make recommendations based on your unique needs, desires, body type, blood type, lifestyle and culture.
  2. She can help you stay motivated and clear the mental and emotional blocks that may be getting in your way with the utilization of NLP and Hypnosis for Weight Control (if you so choose)
  3. She has a deep sense of caring that you will succeed which may include the use of food prep classes, referrals to a nutritional Doctor when needing blood tests and medical help.
  4. Kristin will keep you feeling good while thinking positive and confident about your outcome.  There is always more you can do, learn and GROW!!
  5. While we are all 'a work of art in progress'...Kristin is building a membership that will contain monthly recipes and a forum of support...plans are to be ready by New year's Resolution 2015 ; ).

Holistic Weight Loss and Nutritional Support with Kristin Wilhite, HHP video

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