France's Food Law

France's Food Law

As a Whole foods Nutritional Counselor and Instructor of nearly 20 years, I am happy to see this issue being in the forefront.  I agree food should not be thrown away.  I am glad its going to feed the homeless and hopefully no one will get food poisoning!

Here is a good reference to what is going on in the US. food-waste-law-like-france

One thing they didn't discuss is that when food (specifically vegetable matter) is beyond consumption it can be composted! If I don't eat it all in time, at least my worms get fed! (worm box for composting).  Fits on my patio - I highly recommend it. Mine's an older model like Worm Watcher Worm Farm OR you can go with the fancy penthouse suite


Up to you! I spend about a 15-min  per week filling it.  Most of this time I'm just chopping the veggies (1/4 to 1 inch chunks) so they can easily eat it.  If you love plants, they make great fertilizer.

Recycling food is considerate / honoring to our dear Earth who gave it to us!


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