How to deal with Holiday Stress

How to deal with Holiday Stress

This subject always baffles me how Giving Thanks and the magic of Christmas seems to create such a frenzy.  As if we have forgotten what it's all about.  It even seems that the people who are the most grateful (Mom's in general) do most of the work (preparing giant meals).

Tip #1 Plan ahead.

I noticed even Monday at 9:30am there was a crowd at Trader Joes.  People are planning ahead.  Tuesday we had to park 2 blocks away from whole foods at 12pm, the parking lot was full of honkers and impatient drivers.  Expect the crowds: wear comfortable walking shoes, bring a rolling basket for your goods, go shopping when you can take an hour longer than usual. 

Tip #2 for Waiting in long lines:

Practice your breathing technique for relaxation in through the nose to a count of in 8 and out 4. This will give you something to focus on.  

Tip #3 For the crowded grocery isles:

Be overly kind.  Acknowledge that we are "all in the same boat together" Act like a community who actually cares about how we feel, "please", "excuse me" and "thank you" are all words for some reason may people have forgotten.  Yes, we dont know each other but it doesn't matter.  Kindness can impact yours and the receivers day like ripples in a pond.

Tip #4 Be courteous while driving:  Pay attention!!!

In my life, the only time I have had car accidents or missed exits are when my mind was elsewhere.  As you buckle your seat belt, practice "taking a deep breath and saying to yourself, pay attention, stay focused, alert and breath! Be kind as often as possible"  Amazingly enough, when I do this, my drive is more relaxed and I arrive with a smile instead of a bad attitude.  (this positive mindset will also keep you from having road rage!)

Tip #5 For the people who "do it all"

ASK for help! I know that may be VERY UNFAMILIAR, but I garantee, if you give others a chance to help it makes them feel good about themselves. 

Tip #6 On the day of...Food for thought:

If you are not the one preparing the meal, you can show your gratitude by: taking out the trash, picking up the dishes, doing the dishes, wiping down the tables and counters and chairs, vacuuming the crumbs, giving or buying the chef /cook a massage. Volunteering to take the kids outside for a game of tag or supervising boardgames.  

Tip #7 Remember the most important part of the Holidays are to CONNECT.

 Our society is in dire need of FEELING connected, loved and appreciated.  Gives lots of hugs and show more Kindness and Gratitude than you normally do.  It will lift the energy of any room.  

Tip #8 Take care of yourself:

Get extra rest.  I find that all that sugar, pie, and rich foods can challenge our immune systems.  Get lots of rest and water and eat lots of greens, and take Vitamin C before and after the festivities.  This will give your immune system a quicker bounce back! Have lots of fun!

If you liked this blog, please comment and email me if you are interested in registering for my upcoming webinar on "Tools for overcoming Holiday Stress"  we will discuss, how to deal with challenging family 'dynamic's. 


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