Manifesting Goals

Manifesting Goals

This is a very exciting topic for me right now as I have been working diligently to achieve my own goals.  I have had projects on the "back burner" for up to 7 years.  Up until recently, I have been feeling very embarrassed to even mention them for I had not taken the ACTION required to "make it happen".   Since 2004, I have produced 3 yoga DVDs. One of which, Computer Companion (2007) has yet to be published.  Mainly because I was confused on the direction I should market it.  Soon it will be available on my site for members only.  It is designed to relieve and prevent repetitive motion injuries while sitting at a computer - for the office, home or study... My point is that when I realized that I needed to market it, I discovered I needed a new platform to advertise...which led me to learning marketing and web development.  Here I am several years later with much patience learned.  My website is about halfway complete and it's taken me much longer than expected which develops more patience...get it! haha! 

How am I now able to focus? 

Since my NLP breakthrough session in November 2012, I cleared the mental and emotional blocks that were derailing me.  I have been progressively getting more organized and focused.  So many things that used to distract me no longer get me distracted.  One thing that is keeping me going is that I no longer am plagued by my self sabotaging habits that used to get in my way.  For example, toxic relationships that I was emotionally obsessed with trying to 'fix', I no longer put energy towards.  I believe the Mental Emotional Release
technique released me from 'carrying over' unresolved emotions due to traumas from my youth, thus giving me the opportunity to gain new learnings so I could heal.  I also did some extensive study on how Codependency was destroying my joy.  I am no longer embarrassed because I now forgive myself and realize we as humans didn't come with a user's manual and being open to learning and growing was the 'key' to my success and joy!  The last tip I have for goal setting today is that your goal MUST be good for your self, your  household and the planet.  That way the universe can align for you as you are taking action to make it happen.  I love NLP because it has this Holistic concept 'built in'.


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