Timing & REALationships

Timing & REALationships

I almost can't believe that its nearly been a year since my last blog.  This past year has been full of excitement and transitions.  I got married to a wonderful man.  I finally found the 'right' guy for me.  I realize now that in order to have a partner that aligned with my ideal relationship, it takes having a clear vision of what I want and be willing to work for it.  When I say work in this case, it means - hold true to what I feel works best for me.  I finally found someone who not only SAYS he wants the same thing, he actually SHOWS me it as well. 

Another key ingredient that I would share with anyone who wants to find a healthy relationship, is to find someone who is truly into you and into having the kind of relationship YOU want.  

Lastly, you MUST be willing to evolve in your personal growth and be willing to forgive your (and their) mistakes and LEARN from them.  As humans, we are designed to make mistakes.  Relationships are meant to GROW over time.  In that growth, we learn better how to love each other and how each of us feel respected in our unique ways.  If we are "into" each other, that means we are "willing to do what it takes" to GROW!

If you have questions on how you can better your relationship, please email me or call to schedule a Free Relationship Breakthrough Consultation.


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