Coming out of winter

Coming out of winter

In the last few months, I really felt like hibernating.  Like a bear in the winter, I found myself wanting to sleep as much as possible.  So instead of fighting it, I did.  Granted some of my goals got put on hold because I knew (from experience), had I not "listened" to my body, I would have gotten those nasty bugs [flu] that goes around.  

Once spring sprung, I felt like a new woman! I am rejoicing in new found energy and am excited to pursue my next level of evolution.  Rest, gym 3x per week, and eating well was about all I was doing for self care.  Now I am integrating extra walks outdoors and yoga.

If you have yet to notice, go outside and admire the beautiful flowers as they are more beautiful than I ever remember (at least here in San Diego!) The image here is from a recent walk.  We were amazed at the uniqueness of this flower that we thought was a hibiscus, if you can identify it, please do so in the comment section!


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